3 Tantric Tips for an Awesome Sex Life


It’s basically impossible for anyone to have never heard about the famous tantric lovemaking sessions, spectacular tantra erotic massages, and orgasm-achieving meditation techniques. If you’re one of those people dreaming of a more satisfying and overall better sex life, there are several tantric inspired tips that will definitely help you enter a world of frisky fun.

1. Get to know your senses

Tantra isn’t just for enahcing the physical part of sex, it’s also about the sensory and emotional connection. This includes sound, taste, smell, touch, and sight. Together with your partner, you can experience lovemaking on a whole new level. An idea easy to put into practice is blindfolding your lover and using things that can stimulate their senses, such as diffusing essential oils, playing bits of their favorite songs, reading a nice poem or feeding them yummy fruits, chocolate or honey. You can also caress them with rose petals, silk or feathers.

2. Practice eye gazing

Sexual experiences can become way more intense simply by sensually looking at your partner. In order to deepen intimacy, find a comfy place, take a seat and close your eyes, so that you get yourself centered. Next, as each of you is ready, gaze into each other’s eyes, allowing your lover to really see you. While this might feel silly at first, stick to it. Surprisingly, this simple technique will have a nice pay off. You can include this exercise during foreplay. If you find it weird, take a few minutes every day for several days and practice it with your partner until it becomes natural. This way, you’ll fall in love over and over again, making sex a much richer and hotter experience. 

3.Conscious touch 

Tantra’s main idea is to explore your and your lover’s sensuality with the help of some teasing and sexual tension, by touching each other. Tantra is all about making each other count and the key to that is truly being in the moment. This means that you can’t be thinking about your daily chores, work or other distracting things. If you do that, your gestures will feel cold and vacant, which isn’t appealing to anyone. Hence, you need to take your mind off everything except your partner and be aware of your touches.

4. Breathe deeply

Besides the fact that breath is the greatest aliveness and energy source, you can also use it for reconnecting your inner self to your senses, as well as helping you get relaxed and centered. Furthermore, breathing is crucial when you’re trying to connect with your partner. A good exercise for that is to match your breath to your lover’s. This can greatly improve and deepen the sexual link between the two of you. Try it over dinner or a glass of wine or later on in bed.

Despite the fact that oftentimes stress and tiredness can make it difficult to getting into sex, these techniques will definitely boost both your intimate life quality and your sexual appetite.

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