5 Lessons From A Summer Spent With Russia’s Richest Playboy


Ahhh, they were the days!

I spent a summer living in a modernist wow-house rented exclusively for parties by one of Moscow’s richest under 40.

In fact, my ‘job’ was to make sure there was a party live every Saturday afternoon, with at least a  dozen models, barbecues, a lavish spread of fruit and a well stocked bar.

Here’s just a few dating lessons learnt…

#1 Money Doesn’t Guarantee Success (But It Does Guarantee Results)

I can say for sure that money doesn’t guarantee success.

How do I know?

Because all the guys in this circle were rich (from simple millionaire to Forbes cover rich).

Did the girls care?

Well, yes and no.

For the most part, not really.

Some of those guys didn’t have a clue.

And the guy who really cleaned up was the minor celeb next door.

Not that any of the girls there knew that he was famous…

Confidence, vibe and frame, not money, were the foundations for success.

(Oh, and ‘yes’ because there were always models rocking around who you just knew were escorts available for hire.)

#2 Not Drinking Gives You The Edge

The guy never drank.

So whilst everyone else partied and got loose, he stayed sharp and reaped the advantage.

#3 Dress Sharp

Only those who knew him knew he was wealthy.

But you’d assume he was by him wearing casual suits to the club and designer jackets to the house.

You don’t need millions for that.

#4 Act As If

This is trite, but of course he had a high-status vibe.

Those traits can be copied.

#5 Money Game

No question money gives you an advantage, but in his case the super-advantage was he knew how to use it.

He was in his late-thirties, and one friend who often joined us met our billionaire at a pick-up boot camp, just a few years before.

Legend had it, he was a different guy back then.

(From some of the crew he ran with, I could believe it.)

So money isn’t the magic source you’d think.

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