5 Reasons Why Bisexual Dating Is Hard


The “B” in the LGBT has been more acceptable nowadays than before. But even though we already seen the perks of the LGBT communities in the country, there are some bisexual couples who are still considering that bisexual dating is harder. Well, there are sensible reasons behind this.

Many don’t believe that you’re a real bisexual

Not all of your straight friends can be okay with your bisexual thing. Some of them might even think that you are just experimenting or curious. Believe it or not, in many places,  the stereotype is that bisexuals are not actually fond of both sexes. Your friends might think that you are just exploring your wild fantasies. That means many people believe that it is only temporary identity and you don’t want your friends to mistake your orientation.

They think that Bisexual usually cheat

Well, the nature of bisexual relationship draws such point of view. Many people are being judgmental toward the bisexuals. Most of them believe that stereotype because you widely open yourself to both genders. It makes it possible for you to try different things as you please, which could make you look like a player. Openly bisexual means that ones might think that you can leave him or her anytime you want and switch to another  gender. With such a possibility, it often procures the insecurities.

They think that bisexuals are always about threesomes

Some folks think that bisexual is only about sex life, which is the threesomes. It is sensible why people might think of you like that. Well, obviously, people think like that because bisexuals can work on both genders. In fact, bisexuals do not always go with threesomes. It can be hard to change such stereotypes. Only few people who are open-minded can understand really well how the bisexuals work.

It is hard to find someone who does understand you

Although LGBT community is widely accepted in the country. You will realize that you could lose a lot of friends after announcing your orientation. For some people, it is hard to consider bisexuality as the legitimate thing. With your struggle in this bisexual thing, it can be hard to find someone who can understand you and listen to your story.

Many people might reject you

It can be the toughest challenge that you need to prepare. Many people, both straight and LGBT, might refuse to date you for any reason including those we’ve mentioned above. Not every gay or lesbian person could date bisexual. They have their own reason, though.

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