Enhance your dating experience with Armenian Passion



Dating in today’s time has evolved a lot. People freely talk about it, discuss their priorities, choices, and others. Not just that, there are many apps now that help single find their ideal dating match. Well, if you have been struggling to find the right person to date, these apps can help you in a better way. Most of these apps take ask your preferences and use them as their algorithms to find the perfect match for you. Also, they give you a few options to choose from and not make you date forcibly with a single person. You can explore more people who would share the same thoughts, ideas, ideologies and more. One such app that has amazing features is Armenian Dating Glendale.

How Armenian Dating Glendale is different from other apps?

We all know that most of the dating apps in existence help you find the right person and then you can meet them in person and take your dating story ahead. But, there are plenty of features in Armenian Dating app which makes it way different than others.

  1. 3Dcity Feature:

The very and foremost feature that makes this app amazing is 3Dcity feature. This feature helps you take a walk in a virtual environment. So, you have the advantage of meeting other users at different locations like a boat, mountains, clubs, and so on. Most of the users active on this app love this particular feature a lot. You can walk through the virtual world with a swipe on your screen.

  1. Street Chat:

Street Chat has been integrated with Google Map and has been introduced recently. It will bring you an entirely new world virtual world. While you are exploring a place, you can pin the virtual location and share with your friends and they can join you as well. You can roam around anywhere in the world. Even if your friends are not on the site or app, they can join you without having to register.

  1. Avatars:

To explore these two amazing features, you will also be provided with a feature of 3D avatars where you can create your own 3D avatars by selecting on many different options. You can even choose to turn your avatar into an actress.

These are some of the features that make this app suitable to everyone. It is fine if you are not into dating for a time period, you can still stay active on the app and enjoy with your friends.


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