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These are modern times, nowadays, with a camera in hand, anyone can record a home video, a sex videos movie or take sexy photos and post on the internet. The consumption of pornography is something widespread and that can hardly be stopped, yet, as a sort of “taboo”, pornographic sites have access to only 35% of the female audience, given by the statistics of Red Tube.

Even though it is still a sexist market, where the content produced is focused on male pleasure, I see the importance of the presence of women on these sites , so that the content will also be turned to them, showing that female pleasure also it is important and must be respected.

However, good news, Brazilian women, along with Filipinos, are the ones who most consume pornography in the world. And just for that, let’s start our 2017 on the right foot and learn to pan once and for all the best of sex videos on the internet.

Understand your taste

This is the time that the animal catches. It is very difficult to simply put aside your taboos and fears and assume which type of sex videos you prefer. Many women assume that they like gay sex videos, others prefer to watch threesomes and also lesbians. Knowing your favorite style well and what types of scenes are formed on the screen can help you a lot. This helps to guide your search, whether by terms, categories or even website guides.

Making things easier

A lot of people end up staying on that triad of sites. sex videos Hub, Red Tub and swag 外流, as if these were the only choices on the internet. Of course, it is very easy to find good content on these sites, but they do not have a monopoly when it comes to pornography. I might as well list all the other sex videos movie sites , but recently I discovered a way to mine that is a hand in the wheel.

Tumblr can be a good friend

The blogging-style platform is known for having as a good part of its content a somewhat dense layer of. Naughtiness. And what’s the problem with that? It is there that many girls feel free to feed blogs with pornographic images and gifs and this is great.

After all, it is based on these pages that you can exchange an idea with other girls under a pseudonym, see gifs and discover new tastes and even fetishes. There you can explore a community where everyone talks openly about everything and also expose their taste to anyone who identifies without that neura of thinking that they will judge you.

The only sad thing is when you find a funny gif and don’t know where to find the video that originated it, but that’s okay, on Tumblr you can also find some really cool sex videos movie cuts.

Exchange experiences with your friends

Okay, I know, it can be a little tense for someone who’s not used to talking about sex yet. I bet the blood went up, you must have started to sweat cold, but rest assured. It is the time to put this on the bar table, right? You can also. For us women it is important that we are able to put out what we like, what we are watching and even create our favorite sex videos actor. I love Jean Val Jean myself, look for him. Oh really.

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