How Did I Conquer Depression?


Depression is not just a random mental illness; it is a word that brings shivers down the spine of all those who have been through it or are going through it or fear going through it. It is something that a lot of people suffer from, yet half of them are not even aware. Of course there are factors that trigger depression, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t feel depressed when you are laughing or smiling. There are times when depressed people don’t even look depressed, but there are so many things running in their minds, including suicidal thoughts.

I have been through the worst phase of depression; I was not only internally wounded, but also into self-harm. When my parents got divorced, I was mentally disturbed for quite some time. Being bullied at school was another reason why I was depressed. As I grew up, some traumatic childhood memories of witnessing domestic violence against my mother kept ringing in my head and I developed certain fears. I lacked confidence to such an extent that I barely went on dates. This is when I realized I had developed sexual frustration as well.

One day, I contacted a popular london69escorts agency for my desires. I wanted to let go of my frustration and calm down. No doubt I had a few crushes at the restaurants where I worked, but I knew I couldn’t get them because I had no courage to go and tell them about how I felt. One of them was so gorgeous that I was always turned on whenever she visited my restaurant. She kept ringing in my head and I wanted to experience how it feels to have a girlfriend like her. When I scrolled through the gallery of the agency, I saw a girl that looked almost like her. That was it – I wanted to hire her – and so I did.

Before this, I was never so sure about getting into escorts service, but the moment I saw that woman, I knew I had to have her. She was not available that day, so I had to book her for the next day. Since I didn’t want to invite her home directly, I met her at the restaurant. There, we spent what I call the best time of my life. We got indulged into some wonderful talks; she told me about her life and I shared a few intricate details about mine. She kept listening to me without telling me to stop. I kept talking since I knew I had someone I could trust.

After an hour, we started getting into dirty talking. It was so exciting that I knew we had to go home. I brought her home and she helped me relax and made me feel extremely comfortable. When she left in the morning, I was a different person. She is the only escort I have ever been with and I still hire her whenever I want to feel loved.

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