How To Buy And Use Sex Dolls Properly


The subject may make many men feel shy and embarrassed, as they fantasize of using sex toys and dolls, but never want to openly discuss about it. This causes expensive and wrong purchases most of the time. Even if they end up buying a good doll, using and maintaining it correctly is vital for the pleasure of a man as well as longevity of the doll.

Sex dolls are one of the most bought sex toys right now in the world. They have been preferred by single men, who don’t have time for a real relationship with a living female or they are low on self-confidence. These dolls are deemed excellent for sexual workout and brings benefits to penis health. However, there are few things about these dolls that must be taken into account, before their purchase and after buying them.

Prior to purchase

This includes identifying the requirements and the attributes in a doll that will meet those requirements. Thus resulting in a life-like real sex doll sexual experience.

  1. Inflatable or Solid/Semi-Solid: Majority of the dolls are inflatable and can be stored away in a discreet manner. It is best for the men, who don’t want others to know about their secret affair with a doll. Then there are the solid or semi-solid sex dolls, which are life like, because they come in mostly human size to give the real feel.
  2. Material and Texture and Appearance: The material is mostly silicon, while the texture of the silicone skin on the doll may be a bit smooth or silk – smooth. The overall appearance of the silicone love doll can be customized which can meet the preference of the man buying it.
  3. Price: Yes, this is a big factor for many who are buying one for the first time. Checking if there is an upgrade offer with an exchange provision, for discounts on the second purchase would be a good idea. Many sellers offer such a plan on some selected doll models.

After purchase

Once a silicon love doll is bought, there are few things to do properly in order to maintain it right.

  1. Lubricant: Yes, a lot of lubricant may be needed for the sexual play or it may damage the sensitive penis of men as well as the doll.
  2. Cleaning: After every use, the doll must be cleaned thoroughly and dried hygienically. Since a man is to use it repeatedly, it is in his best interest to keep the doll clean and tidy.
  3. Storage: Ensure proper storage and keep the doll in a cool place; away from heat. Since excessive heat could damage the rubber and plastic.
  4. Go Free: A man should not hold himself back when engaging in sexual act with a doll, but also ensure that he doesn’t become too rough that the doll gets damaged.

Overall, using sex doll for sexual satisfaction will keep a man healthy; both sexually and mentally.


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