The Dating of a Lifetime for You


You met her by mutual friends, at the gym, on the edge of the pool during the swimming lesson of your youngest son and you said to yourself that this girl and you could perhaps walk. You find her strong, funny, confident and independent. Without even really knowing it, you find that it gives off an astonishing assurance. So you decide to go and go for it; you invite him for a date. With מונאקו רחובוץ you can now have the best dating options.

Before going any further, thank you for reading these tips

If you want to make her nerve, propose to go out, but offers no place or time, the classic “As you want, it’s for you “She may be independent, she likes you to take the lead and that you propose the restaurant or the place of the meeting.

  • Even if you met her the first time on the edge of a campfire at a friend’s house or a Friday night relax at a friend’s house, on your date , please, make arrangements. The boots with cap, the old jeans deformed and the sweater we see holes in it is old, it has charm on the edge of the fire, but when you intend to take it to the restaurant, make a effort. She does not ask for a tuxedo, just a jeans / t-shirt duo can even beat the pair pants / shirt. The independent girl is beautiful to be crowned with everything, it’s called pride, and she wants to see that in a guy.

If she tells you that she is waiting for you at her place to pick her up at 7:00 PM, do not arrive at 6:15 PM. The independent girl loves the surprises, but not the one to be punk half-dressed by a guy she does not really know yet.

Taking Her to Restaurant

If you take her to the restaurant, for pity respect this: if she does not want to taste your disgusting super entrance, do not insist. If she agrees to taste it, do not try to hold the fork to eat it. NOT. Let him take the fork. Line him with what’s in his mouth without her having perfect control, you’re not there the big one. One day maybe, but not here. She does not need someone to hold her fork, she wants to talk to you.

Avoid the questionnaires at all costs: you know, the flat question / answer conversation model with no possibility of development like, “How many children?” “How old are the children?” “How long have you been separated?”. The independent girl runs the risk of running away, not because she is afraid to give you the answer, but because you enter her very personal bubble. If you can wait and listen well, it will open to you with pleasure but before, just make her laugh and tell him a little more about you. The independent is lit by your vivacity of mind.

Once the date is over, do not wait until she invites you to spend the night or have a drink: even if she loved her evening. The independent girl may have something planned tomorrow, nothing to do with your evening.

Nothing personal

Do not abuse texting, unlike other girls, the Independent prefers by far a guy who text him one or two times max within twenty-four hours of a date . Leave the “good morning” or the “What are you doing good today?”. In addition to not knowing what to answer you, the Independent will find you invading. Let her come back on her own. If you’re interested, it will manifest, but not with fifty-four texting: it will be a joke, an anecdote, a wink and not a conversation that goes nowhere. Return him the same after and observe. She likes you to play with her mind.

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